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What's it like to owning a business? I found business ownership to be intensely creative, challenging, and stimulating; a very rewarding experience at the end of the day.

For individuals who would want to venture into business ownership, either starting from scratch, or buying an existing business wholly or a franchise, The Way It Is provides an honest, insider's window into the process of business ownership. Many would be entrepreneurs certainly have many questions just as I had before I founded Eastern Pharmaceuticals, questions like:

  • How do I find a good business idea? Or, is the idea I have good enough?

  • How do I obtain the money to start a company?

  • Can I live on a reduced income until my company gets on its feet?

  • Can I run a successful business, raise children, and still have a normal family life?

  • What personal qualities does it take to found a successful business and do I have them?

  • What education and experience is the best preparation for becoming an entrepreneur?

  • What if I fail?

As I built my business I learned answers to these questions and many others. I hope that by sharing what I learned, you can improve your chance of success and minimize your mistakes.

What Must I Do to Start a Business?

The specific business you choose will have a significant impact on the work you perform every day. However, many tasks are the same across all types of businesses — things like obtaining permits, paying taxes, managing daily operations....... Start-up Resources.

Your Money or Other People's Money?

I started Eastern Pharmaceuticals from a personal investment and no outside funds. For years I was the only employee, doing all marketing, selling, and operations. Financing Your Business


ISBN: 978-0-9796472-0-8

Paperback 210 pages (January 2008)
Publisher: Hudson Publications Company
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